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Stockholm, a capital of Sweden, was described by the BBC as a „truly modern metropolis filled with historic architecture and a reputation for tolerance‘‘. What we would like to add is that, Stockholm despite of the fact is a small city compared to other European cities, and has just under 1 mln people living in the center and surrounding, make it perfect as mettings and events and incentive destination.


Arlanda Airport is located 40 kilometers from Stockholm, and its Swedens largest airport, with more than 20 million travelers every year. Arlanda is used for domestic flights, elsewhere in Europe, and other continents, with 180 destinations in total.


Bromma Airport is Sweden’s third largest airport. It’s located just 9 km from the city center. The airport is mainly used for domestic flights, also has connections to Brussels and Helsinki.


Västerås is a small and compact airport located 100 km away from Stockholm. Västerås offers connections to Helsinki, London, and Malaga.


Skavsta is also located about 100 km away from Stockholm, operating to Marakkesh, Edinburgh, Kiev, Munich, Naples, Szczecin, and Vienna.


Here you will find a combination of historic and modern buildings turned into conference, and meetings  space that meets all demands.


Whenever you are looking for a proffesional business space or a place where you and your employees will integrate, you will find it here in Stockholm.


From fully equiped conference rooms up to 3000 participants, that will impress your guests to  a cosy break-out rooms that will inspire your team to think out of the box.


Comprehensive range of hotel meeting and private event spaces will cater to any form of corporate gathering – educational programs, training seminars, welcome dinners, themed parties or gala dinners.


Inspiring architecture and a rich musical heritage are prominent elements for special interest programs.


Stockholm has everything your incentive travel needs: design, lifestyle, boutique hotels, sky bars, fast boats, beautiful venues, as well as water, air, pure nature & adventures!

It’s true, it’s not a cheap destination, but it’s so worth it! There are plenty of reasons you have to come and experience Stockholm. This city will steal your heart no matter if it’s summer or winter. The ‘patchwork’ look alike city, becasue of its 14 islands, conneted by bridges is a very unique view, you will only see in Stockholm.


Old Town flair with historic buildings, meets magnificent archipelago landscape, which you can admire during boat excursion.

Swedish capital can at times feel like one giant open-air museum. The cultural heritage is taken very seriously in Stockholm, the city  is one of the most crowded museum-cities in the world, with over 100 institutions. Stockholm also has to offer lots of entertainment options, as well as advantageus activities.

With all restaurants serving mouth-watering food, nature within hand’s reach, and plenty incentive possibilites your incentive trip or team building will remain forever in your memory and heart.

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