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Copenhagen is the capital and largest city of Denmark with a population of 1.2 million.

The city hosts several large conventions, conferences, meetings and corporate events every year, attracting delegates and MICE clients from all over the world and, unsurprisingly, Copenhagen has been in the top 10-list of ICCA’s ranking of the world’s most popular convention cities for years.


Copenhagen is home to Scandinavia’s largest and busiest airport. Copenhagen Airport (CPH) was ranked Europe’s most efficient airport (2016, ATRS).

With around 165 destinations directly connected to Copenhagen Airport it is one of the most well-connected and fastest growing airports in Northern Europe. The airport is located just 11 km south of the city centre.

Alternative to Copenhagen Airport can be Sturup Airport in Malmo, located 63km away from Copenhagen. Sturup operates among others to: Gdansk, Warsaw, Helsinki, Budapest and Bucharest.



Copenhagen is a city of contrast, even though most of you see Nyhavn harobur or Little Mermaid while closing eyes, and trying to imagine it.

In Copenhagen stately old houses stand not far from contemporary, modern buildings. Downtown, new restaurants are popping up in old warehouses and restored buildings.

It is a city where many people lived their whole lives in the same neighborhood, yet there are many who moved here from somewhere else. It is a city with new modern apartments buildings, and neighborhoods of beautiful old villas.


Here, summer days are long, yet winter evenings are short but cosy, and everyone is awaiting this time.

Copenhagen is known for its happy people, laid back lifestyle and the concept of ‘hygge’ – the best way to translate this is into ‘coziness’.


The capital city is very compact and it is easy to get around when you are here this means that it is very easy to combine business with pleasure by attending your meeting in the city centre, and at the same time being able to organise team building and incentive activites.


Copenhagen offers a plethora of modern meeting venues, ranging from independent MICE facilities to large convention centres.

Copenhagen has the largest convention centre in all of Scandinavia, which can host up to 20,000 delegates and it is located just 6 kilometers away from Copenhagen Airport, and 8 kilometers away from the city centre.  Within a walikng distance there is a hotel offering 812-rooms, and another one with 48 meeting rooms for 6,930 delegates, and two auditoriums for up to 930 persons.

The city is booming with MICE hotels, including the biggest one offering 486-rooms, and largest space being able to host 1,200 delegates. Currently, Currently Copenhagen is expecting new conference hotels withn the next few years.



A perfect incentive would show your appreciation towards your employees, partners, or clients. In Copenhagen you can do it in many ways, as city has so much to show, and offer! Active teambuilding, or glamurous night? A dinner at one of the Michelin restaurants or at typical local Kro? Maybe you are into art and design? All of this, and many more are just within hand’s reach! Maybe we shall mix a little of everyting? We will be pleased to share our knowledge, and love we have to Copenhagen, and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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